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The label is what makes the bottle work; it's the hook that pulls attention to itself. At Great Canadian Water Co. it is very important to us that your brand gets the best possible chance to shine. We've gone to all this work to get world class water in a world class bottle, and we aren't about to stop at the label.

When it comes to making an outstanding label, detail is paramount. This is why the art department at Great Canadian Water Co. is overseen by a seasoned Creative Director with over 15 years of experience in the field of design and print. Whether you have a ready to print label or need some design help, the team at Great Canadian Water will be able to assist you to ensure your finished label looks it's best.

When choosing a label there are several options to consider but don't worry, our professional design team is working for you. Are you looking for a clear or opaque material? Would you like to use foil for a metallic finish? We offer both hot-stamp or cold foil processes. If you would like to accent different sections of the finished label we can achieve this with spot varnish that allows a different look throughout the bottle depending on the angle of the light. For the final varnish of the label you can choose from a glossy or a more muted matte finish. If you have any questions about what will make your label look it's best we will put you directly in touch with one of our designers who can assist you in the process.

Your final product reflects directly on us, and we like to look good. That is why Great Canadian Water Co. is proud to offer the best labels in the business using Kodak's HD Print System technology.