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Water is water isn't it?

No. It isn't.

And that's why we are Great Canadian Water. Most Canadians take for granted the earth's single most important resource. They have no idea how good the water is that flows within their country. Times are changing. In the same way that people have come to realize the importance of organic food, and environmentally sustainable processes, they have also started to realize the importance of the water they drink.

Although putting chemicals in the water is a good way to kill bacteria, there is something not-so-awesome about a waft of chlorine in your nose when you drink tap water. These chemical processes make the average person less inclined to drink it.

Reverse osmosis (RO) and other such processes are good at delivering a pure water: they really do remove the impurities from tap water. But... they also remove minerals like calcium and other good things in the water that make it healthier, and make its taste exciting and unique.

So if machines can't do it, and your local water authority can't do it, who can do it?

Nature can.

The earth is an amazing and self-contained filtration system. Thankfully a few smart people began mining for these rare and beautiful sources and it is from these 100% natural, 100% clean and 100% awesome water sources that Great Canadian Water gets 100% of its water.

Whether you are planning to create your own global brand, or just need a few cases for your wedding, holiday party or open house, Great Canadian Water will deliver to you, for a suprisingly competitive price, water that people travel the earth to find.