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What We Do At Great Canadian Water Company

The name Great Canadian Water Company says it all.

Great water.

Great service.


It's a name you can trust.

Great Canadian Water was founded with one goal in mind: to help people share their brand and message using the highest quality natural water possible, with a label of the highest possible quality, with the best possible service in the industry at a price competitive with our competitor.

Beyond the greatness of these offerings, Great Canadian Water stands for something much greater than a bottle of water with a label. The founders of the company, both with extensive backgrounds in private label water sales, production, and marketing, believe that honesty, transparency, good reputation, integrity of character and an old fashioned good Canadian attitude makes for a great work environment and a great company designed to last. It is imperative that our customers feel comfortable, respected and that their voices are heard while a long term trust is built by meeting and then surpassing the expectations of the industry.

Instead of 'upselling' our customers to a premium product, we save them time and pricing surprises by only selling premium products. Instead of reserving amazing customer service for 'the big customers' Great Canadian Water delivers it to all customers ­ no matter how big or small. We were all small at one point, after all.

Great Canadian Water puts into its bottles only the best natural water. We put this water into only the best BPA free, 100% recylable PET bottles. To each bottle we apply only the highest quality high definition label available for that order. Each bottle is inspected by one of our approved facility line staff and each case receives an inspection stamp to confirm your order has been correctly produced before being shipped.

Next time you send a message, why not Send a Message on a Bottle?

Great Canadian Water Company

“Always Great. Always Canadian.”