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Exclusively at Great Canadian Water Company

When it comes to any purchase you want to be certain you will be happy before you commit long term. We understand completely. At Great Canadian Water Co we have several ways to help ensure that you are completely satisfied before you commit.

Before any label is sent to the printer we send you a full render of your bottle with the label so you have a good idea of what you are getting. We can also send you sample packs so you get a feel for our final product. If you are looking to have the real thing in your hand before you commit to a long term deal we offer the "Walk Before You Run" program.

Walk Before You Run is simply a smaller order discounted so that you can comfortably hold the final product in your hand before you follow through on the full sized deal. It can be hard to find peace of mind when making a purchase, especially when the majority of the sale takes place over the phone or email. Great Canadian Water Co is happy to offer the Walk Before You Run program to help ensure that you make a comfortable purchase that only brings you tears of glee.